Gadgetry v1.3

A functional and fictional device.

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Tom Moon, 2011. “As a musician and a music critic, I have learned that listening is an active pursuit, a discipline. It involves putting the mindset of gadgetland on hold - you know, “it’s all about me, my playlist!” -, and being willing to receive input from the outside world”

Stevens, Tim, 2011. “It seems like ages since Amazon introduced us to the $199 Fire at a hectic New York City event, but in truth that was only about six weeks ago. Maybe our perception of time is warped because we’ve been hearing talk about this 7-inch Android tablet for months now. Maybe it’s because Amazon launching a tablet seemed like such a natural thing to do after Barnes & Noble paved the way with its Nook Color. Or, maybe it’s just because the gadget Amazon shipped looks nigh-identical to the 7-inch BlackBerry PlayBook that we’ve had for, well, ages.”

Wagner, Kylie, 2011. “We’ve more or less accepted e-readers as the best way to read a book digitally, but there’s still a whole lot that gadgets can do that e-readers suck at—literally anything you own with a screen is better at this stuff than an e-reader. The Kindle Touch is the first to really bridge that gap in a way that makes sense.” A particular kind of electronic device – cellphone or tablet, as opposed to e-reader.”

, 2012. “The idea that Tebow would solve the Jets’ locker room issues is ridiculous. As a gadget player? Or third string QB? Come on. Can not see how this doesn’t turn into a mess. Few bad games by Sanchez and won’t people be calling for Tebow?” Gadget play or gadget player as something quirky, unusual, probably can only be used a small number of times to throw off a defense before they adapt.”