Gadgetry v1.3

A functional and fictional device.

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, 2009. “Widgets and gadgets (the terms are basically interchangeable) are small programs that you can add to your computer desktop, if you are running a newer version of Windows or Mac OS, or to a personalized Web portal such as iGoogle or Netvibes. These handy little applications can remind you about appointments, tell you the time or let you check your e-mail. They can also feed you the latest news headlines – the perfect way for you to stay in the loop.”

, 2009. “As 2009 winds down and we try to come up with new and clever ways of referring to the early years of this century, there’s really only one thing left to do: declare our ten favorite gadgets of the aughts and show them off in chronological order. It’s arguable that if this wasn’t the decade of gadgets, it was certainly a decade shaped by gadgets – one which saw the birth of a new kind of connectedness. In just ten years time, gadgets have touched almost every aspect of our daily lives, and personal technology has come into its own in a way never before seen. It’s a decade that’s been marked the ubiquity of the internet, the downfall of the desktop, and the series finale of Friends, but we’ve boiled it down to the ten devices we’ve loved the most and worked the hardest over the past ten years. We even had some of our friends in the tech community chime in with their picks on what they thought was the gadget or tech of the decade – so join us for a look back at the best (gadget) years ever!”